The Domino A-Series was designed with the customer in

mind. Easy-to-use and highly reliable, with a Domino ASeries

printer you can be assured that your codes will be

readable and your production integrity maintained.

• The Domino A-Series range of printers can print up to

4 lines of code in a variety of different formats including:

text, logos, automatic serial or batch numbering in

addition to real-time clocks

• The unique sealed nozzle technology in the A-Series

print head ensures that start-ups are always clean and

dependable, even after extended periods of shut down

• The unique ink system of the Domino A-Series ensures a

consistent level of performance in a wide range of

operating conditions, as well as a consistent ink viscosity

and maximum efficiency and reliability

• Fluid containers are colour coded and sealed, for quick

and spill-free fitting

• Rugged stainless steel cabinet suitable for use in a range

of manufacturing environments

• The real-time message monitor displays codes as they are

printed and can be viewed at any time ensuring that you

can code confidently at all times

• Easy to Use

The full sized keyboard and display makes it quick and

easy to set up codes, whilst the function keys simplify


Domino Inks

The Domino ink range has been engineered for maximum

reliability and uptime.The range includes Advanced,

Specialist and Custom Inks, ensuring that whatever the

application there is a well engineered Domino ink to

support it.


The Specialist range includes inks for the Domino Egg Coder solution.

Highly experienced and skilled in ink development,



The Domino ASeries can make your life easier, no matter which

application you require.

With specially designed inks, the availability of multiple

print formats and languages, and the ability to code at high

speed, the A-Series is ideal for all your coding and marking


domino printer
multiconsystem with Domino Printer